Youtube Censored: Ch. 6 vaccine side effect videos (NOT RARE)

FUCK BILL GATES ALBERT BOURLA MODERNA AND J&J Howard Stern YouTube Steven Colbert and all media channels that lied to the world eat a fucking dick Murders

Page created Feb 2020 – all censored by YouTube
God Bless all who have been harmed by the New Age Nazi’s (NAN)

COVID vaccination the reason for the mass Collapse of athletes ? @LeBronJames #LeBronJames as you go through this page you will see YES! ( We have a question for all of you did you see any of these issues before the vaccine ? if so show us)

This is what informed consent looks like for mRNA vaccines did you get one of these (NO!) wonder why?

Covid 19 informed consent document

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Pfizer CEO Albert Borula Lying our of his ass. This man is a murderer and belongs in a cell of hung by the neck for violations of the Nuremberg code
COVID response team under trump lied to the public Deborah Birx liar & fraud she should be tried and hung as well

The new Idaho bill that criminalizes the administration of the COVID 19 vaccine by any Dr or they are guilty of a misdemeanor

Howard stern
Old Nazi fuck, for some reason this photo has been not loading on the website so we want to make sure everyone gets to see this idiot and how he is beyond a tool his career will be remember as the pussy bitch who didn’t leave his house for 2 years out of fear.
former Vice president & chief science officer of allergy and respiratory research, Pfizer Inc Michael Yeadon, PhD

Albert Bourla Current Pfizer CEO and liar the vaccine isnt good for stopping reinfection ? then what is the fucking point of it moron.

Albert Bourla Pfizer Ceo our vaccine works but not for reinfection was not the whole point to create a vaccine works fucking idiot and a liar

We wanted to prove YouTube is censoring public medical information under the guise of the world health organization and lying about us at the same time and the only time the world health organization dictates anything is under a PHEIC and we were not in one. As Covid 19 has been stated by the president of the united states to be over. Joe Biden ( we all know how good he is at lying) we have an entire section dedicated to it. (Bottom of page)

They censored truthful information and the entire video is below
We wanted to prove YouTube is censoring public medical information under the guise of the world health organization and they only time the world health organization dictates anything is under a pheic and we were not in one. As covid 19 has been stated by the president of the united states to be over.

here you can see them claim the above video as a (conspiracy theory) now coined medical misinformation. yet every clip is from the media and not just a video and a face. The media must fact check the stories before they air them! Same as we must, The thing they are scared of the public knowing is that they have lied about this for over three years knowing the damages the vaccine would bring.

For more information that contributes to this page please scroll to the bottom of the page and you will find embeds of other stories connected to all of this
Vaccine Injury Intro
He tells you exactly whats happening and explains the email below. We will add fauci’s emails as well
how the corona virus was made in the lab
oops did we post that LOL
To see the Maddie De Gray before and after the vaccine trial watch the video below This hearing was censored by youtube as well
before the jab and after the jab We Love you Maddie we hope you get the best out of life that you can
James c Smith conflict of interest Reuters & Pfizer fraud fact check frauds
Lena Wen 2019 – 2022 stupid bitch is been wrong about everything she has stated we need to use the vaccine like a carrot and the stick to control the population to take a untested vaccine stupid bitch is a Chicom murder every single person on this page is affected because of liars like this cunt

here is an hour long compilation of vaccine side effects which are in no way rare

1 hour vaccine injury compilation
Live aborted fetuses used in the vaccines backed up by Pfizer’s documentation and J&J
Moderna Rep Caught in their lies and bullshit
Medical Dr’s are drug pushers (legal dealers) example they were paid to get the world hooked on opiates and it worked like a charm
the below document shows you that in oct 30 of 2020 the fda cdc nih and niaid as well as the media knew the side effects but waited to see them emerge on page 16 you will see the side effects they have hidden from you since OCT 30 2020 !!!!!!!!!!
Bill Gates bragging about money off vaccines then the failure of effectiveness and the lie that’s cost how many people their lives or normalcy below these two videos and the sheet of deaths and effects of the vaccine you will see all of the side effects for yourself
Vaccine side effects
Notice the deaths go up with the vaccine being introduced and go down as less and less take it.
Child vaccine side effects
The child Summary that bill gates is so proud of making money off of
Child Murder by Pfizer

The only pandemic left is the misinformation put out my msm and big tech in order to save their asses from you knowing this information. They have lied to all of you for years now and you all just say thank you may we take another booster.

who are the most effected again ???

below is an episode from conspiracy theory with Jessie Ventura Nov 12 2010 the episode was called Policed state and has dr Rima Laibow and she warned all of us of the coming pandemic over a decade before this exact coming pandemic. This episode was removed from tivos and censored from the season entirely and is almost unable to be found to this day. After hearing what she stated it will leave you wondering as she literally explains covid 19 in detail over a decade before. we still have the entire ep we will only air her explaining in detail the coming pandemic this is being used for historical and educational purposes

The episode is below this with the information that they thought could be removed and censored Does this at all sound familiar
Dr Rima Liabow warned everyone decades in advance
vaccine injury compilation
Pfizer child vaccine warning from dr
So far this is the worst looking of the side effects we feel so sorry for the shit she has live through over a lie
Tier one athlete with Myocarditis from the vaccine

This is page is for all the injured, Manipulated, Murdered, & those who trusted a government without knowing there history of testing on people without their knowledge and then apologizing for it decades later so no one will sue them. Google MK Ultra, MK NAOMI, Tuskegee Experiment: 40 year Syphilis Study
on the African American community

Update for DEC 2022 vaccine injury hearing, with sen Ron Johnson censored from MSM and public. Openly explains everything we have been warning all of you of since 2019.. the entire hearing is 3 hours long and will be uploaded in full and cut into segments so you may watch and come back to the point you left off instead of search through three hours.

Proof your vaccine inserts are all blank which is a criminal violation of the Nuremberg code and informed consent. their excuse was you could get the information on the website but These were taken in april of 2021 under the law they are required to have all of this information on hand. As the vaccines have been altered over time and ingredients added or changed. which is why Pfizer is being sued by moderna at the moment notice that last dr about shits his pants when he realizes they are caught CVS and wal greens are some of the most uneducated pharmacies you will com across.
Moderna does not want you to see this as the are directly connected to bill gates and darpa

So what do you do when you know he is lying…… You tell people, you show them, through their actions and words. Then the effects present themself and you get the truth. He knew they were not safe or he has been uninformed this entire pandemic. You choose HE FLAT OUT LIED CHRISTMAS 2021 and kIlled Not of Mans Family member 1-19-2022 by shitting misinformation from his mouth. So now that their family member is dead will Joe come and explain to us why he says its safe and effective ? and comfort them like he does for the camera. Fuck no. He gives two shits that anyone died from it.

His own D.O.D explaining he is a lying or just an idiot you can choose which

Miscarriages neurological disorders and cancers up by how much! censored legal hearing
Vaccine side effects
The number of adverse reactions and deaths since the onset of the vaccine. This number makes up only a small portion and since they felt the need to censor this photo we will show you the vsafe data from the world health org. before they censored and hid that information.

covid 19 vaccine side effects
just a few day in the month and look at the difference in numbers remember that vaers is only 1% of all accounted for Vaccine injuries
this is VigiAcess it was launched by the W.H.O to Give public access to information when they started showing the death rates of the covid 19 vaccines sudden the page was removed and censored.

So where did the vaccine come from….? Here let Dr Fauci Tell you.

Fauci on Vaccine development. Listen close now

But of course you have not heard any of this on TV why is that ?…… do pharma companies pay the bills for most of the channels on TV do you see medication commercials all day?

Covid 19 vaccine side effect videos are NOT RARE all these videos are from around the world and include a boxing legend Oscar De la hoya. These are not rare side effects and they have known them since 2012 and china before that. The fda released a list of all possible side effects but hid it from the public unless you knew the date and name of the webinar. Or maybe you were in it and saw things they really tried to hide.

Well lets say we have video of Steve Anderson skipping the side effects during the CBER meeting.
You will find it below and all the videos we have uploaded. we have so many we could fill our entire site but the point is rather simple when you see all of these videos they all have 1 thing in common we wont mention it. otherwise you will see it. But after watching it will be obvious

Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud of 1976
The page Steve Anderson skips as fast as he can in the above video
This mans story is 100% accurate and the paper work that proves it is directly below it

To see he is telling the truth the document below is from 2012 and they did the same study and humanized mice and they all ended up dead from the very issues he and the trail participants had.

Members of not of mans family are in this including why they are being censored its good to know that when the government openly harms people they can censor it but if you do it…… You go to jail ? even if it was done with good intention.
14 mins of side effects
vaccine side effect
Oscar De La Hoya
part 1
Part 2

Not of Man