The Origin of COVID 19 / Wu Han Virus FBI CONFIRMED

The Origin of the COVID pandemic FBI CONFIRMED

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The Origin of COVID 19
Feb-18-2020 page started – updated frequently as new information and documentation comes in last update updated 6-13-2023. The page is being censored .

They say they still quite cant nail down that origin yet? Well follow the money and paper trail LOL. In our eyes this is the game if you can never pin point the origin you don’t have to name names or call out who did it. which all the documents point to the United states and China working together and accidentally releasing it.

We have more brand new information to back up the very thing not of man stated about the death of their family member after the vaccine booster and the sudden stage 4 lymphoma that spread to many different organs in her body. She passed over new years Christmas 2022. just weeks after the booster.

We have the video from microbiologist Kevin mckernan and it will be uploaded asap. Dead U.S government you cant hide from this forever. be the big boy you pretend to be and admit what you did.
how many more documents medical and government do we need to show to prove all of you are full of shit an fauci is the reason for all of this. Might we ask why in the fuck do you have sv40 anyways this is what seems to be a biological weapon that creates cancer in the human body. Then you stupid fucks put it in the vaccine you gave to the world! As you read the document below you will see it was put into the polio vaccines as well. Now To our readers Wake up and realize if they have good intent why would this be used. This is genocide through injections

Rand Paul Grills Sec. of State Blinkin On Hiding COVID Gain of Function Intel march 22 2023
Moderna paid NIH 400 Million for a patent when the gene therapies are the exact same make up just different strengths Moderna is the highest dose per shit shot 1=4
Dr Fauci Lies through his teeth in a PBS documentary

Here is Dr Redfield CDC Director explaining that the gain of function studies being done in china were the cause of the pandemic. But it was all done with good intention ( well millions have died and you already had the vaccine produced before the outbreak so what good intention was there? other than to create a new pathogen and vaccine to make money ) (which we might add has the highest death rate of any vaccine to date.)

NOM has told you the entire time where this virus came from and we have been censored called crazy banned silenced music hidden from the public and now we have all been proven correct. We hope YouTube and all media is held accountable for misleading the public.

Told you for years now
You can also hear the FBI admit they have kept information from the news media and the public about their knowledge of the origins of this virus and his statement leaves much to be questioned as they have known this since its onset and now they are admitting to it ??? Its just odd that they have lied and hidden this information only to release it years after and once china has sided with Russia ? This is looking to be a set up for ww4
the cold war was ww3 most do not know this. Do you need any more evidence the government is lying and manipulating you
racist lying fraud backtracking as if he wasn’t told to say and do what he did in terms of trying to remove credibility to people with this line of thinking and now that more evidence is publicly being made. All this fake fucks will do exactly this to try and save face but in his terms he also wears black face so i would put much into a racist non educated in medical sciences ( yes we have been)

Skip to around 10:30 to hear how we explained the best we could over YouTube exactly how the virus came to be. On OCT 7 2021 All documents to support this are provided below and we were removed from YouTube for explaining it
yes that’s exactly what you think it is
As you read down you will see this man is attached to everything and is the middle man between fauci and Wuhan. He is openly emailing and telling people to hide information in regard to their actions. Below is an entire section dedicated to the man who helped make covid 19

below is an episode from conspiracy theory with Jessie Ventura Nov 12 2010 the episode was called Policed state and has Dr Rima Laibow and she warned all of us of the coming pandemic over a decade before this exact coming pandemic. This episode was removed from tivos and censored from the season entirely and is almost unable to be found to this day. After hearing what she stated it will leave you wondering as she literally explains covid 19 in detail over a decade before. we still have the entire ep we will only air her explaining in detail the coming pandemic this is being used for historical and educational purposes

The below video is the start of all of this and will lead you to far more information as you scroll and watch the videos but understand and remember the name Ralph Baric he is the reason the studies were moved to Wuhan

The reason for the gain of function pause in the United stated was over the man Ralph Baric

Wuhan Signatures to Peter Daszak for the gain of function studies in China funneled through the US
Again you will see Ralph Baric is connected to all of this as he is signed off in the documents as well.
you will find the full payment records and reports below in the Peter Daszak section below

The Origin Of Covid 19 in our educated opinion is from China and the United States all the evidence for our opinion is below.

All government documents studies and white papers from NIAID, Eco Health Alliance and NIH. FDA. CDC, Dr Fauci, Ralph Baric, Peter Daszak, Shi-zengali (Wuhan bat lady)

lets start this off with something no one will show you, or let you hear on TV and if you knew this before would you have listened to that little rat shit bag speak. Dr David Martin Exposes the virus’s that Fauci has created before sars cov as you scroll down you will see what we believe to be the true origin of covid 19 and the reason no one will ever find out and admit publicly besides us how this happened both countries would have to point a finger. Then the entire fraud crumbles at their feet and they are exposed for what they did. The Dr David martin video is a damn bomb shell dropping at your feet

Tucker Carlson’s Banned Covid Origin Story. (Banned by Youtube) Only we have the documents to back it up and show you he left information out of his story. He lied to the public knowingly because if he left this part in he would have lost his job. Why would he lose his job. Well all news channels use big pharma as their main sponsors and it leaves them in some what of a moral issue do we tell the truth or lose our jobs because the advertisers left.

You know the answer. Most of you would do the same sadly we do not know how to bow.
So here you will get the documents from the united states government as well the the W.H.O and more to expose the faces names and the location this virus in our opinion came from. We will start off by following along with the supporting documents

Tucker Carlson’s Banned Covid Origin Story only we have the documents to back it up and show you he left information out of his story

Gain of function pause in 2014 below you will see how fauci used a P3C0 to work around the gain of function pause then the video after will be peter daszak explaining exactly that he is doing gain of function research under anthony s fauci.

Gain of function pause oct 17 2014
Fauci explains How to get around the gain of function pause at the end look who the top funder is Bill Gates Both documents in the video are below
Peter Daszak In 2017 explaining he is working under fauci in china exploring bat caves and doing gain of function research. BOOM

The Fraud of Masks

Dr Fauci 2008 Spanish flu paper explaining masks cause a secondary bacterial pneumonia which was why Fauci was saying not to wear masks at the onset on Covid. You touch your face your mouth and all the bacteria you are breathing in you can only safely wear a mask for 2 hours max before your brain starts to stave from oxygen depletion. There are studies besides fauci’s and we have them. Including people passing out from mask wearing.

So if lets say covid is the size of a million needles. the masks are still not strong enough to stop something so small esp if paint particles go through a Kn95 mask. If you would like to test how well a mask actually works find someone who smokes have them wear all the masks and breathe out after an in-hail you will see nothing but particles flying all over. THE MASKS DO NOTHING BUT MAKE YOU SICK EVEN DR FAUCI KNOWS THIS.

Masks do not work on paint what makes you think they protect you from air
No mask
Double mask

Airplane masking was all a mind game

Airplane masks was a mind game meant to drive you crazy and make you violent. As you can hear they all know the air in the cabin is the cleanest air you can breathe

Following the clues The origin of Covid by Nicolas Wade – Article directly referenced in the news story

The payment records, signatures from Eco health alliance Wuhan and UNC ‘s Ralph Baric 2014 – 2019. Money funneled through Peter Daszak Through Eco health Alliance after Raplh Baric was caught doing gain of function studies in North Carolina Chapple Hill. They became extremely large topic and was the entire reason for the gain of function pause in 2014. Fauci used a P3C0

Here is the story of ralph barics gain of function controversy leading to the gain of function ban
Wuhan china gain of function payments through Eco Health Alliance / Peter Daszak 2014 – 2019

The United states Government Is still Funding Peter Daszak In 2022 – 2026 ?

Anyone else curious why we are still funding him until 2026?

The payment records from Fauci Funneled through Eco health alliance after the 2014 gain of function pause due to Raplh Baric of UNC doing extremely dangerous gain of function studies which were stopped by the US Government and Moved to Wuhan here are the payments and documents

He is being funded through 2025

Wuhan Documents

Peter Daszak

Admits to working on gain of function with china funded through the NIH NIAID funneled Through Fauci

In the below video is an extremely important piece of information that tucker would not add to his story and we explained why and when you hear that the vaccines have no effect on these corona viruses and that he has been making them in a lab and manipulating them for decades. Understand you have been taking what a vaccine for what. Something Ralph Baric called a money maker. Who is baric well he has been left out of alot of stories as he is one of the people who works on gain of function studies at the university of north Carolina. But if you go back up to the wuhan payments you will see he was signed on for the entire ride.

World health organization Fraudulent Covid 19 reports 1 and 2

mRNA Trials animal and human

We also supplied the documents to show in 2012 they said do not used this in humans. in 2013 they did a trial on humans and only 5 are left alive here is 1 of the 5 explaining exactly what the document from 2012 says.

Study shows dangers to pregnant, elderly and that it sheds through skin all things they denied 20 people died in the vaccine study and 14 in the placebo no way this should have past the safety tests

Dr Fauci

He knew trump was going to be facing one of the worst pandemics ever in 2017 ????
The failure and lie of the vaccine

has lied through this entire pandemic. Not only this one but the AIDS pandemic as well. He refused to allow medications that would work. A bit like 2019, 2021 ? o here is the article from the 80s below him lying and below that is the man that invented the PCR test who worked with fauci explain he is a moron and has no idea what he is doing he also has explain that the pcr test was never intended to use the way that they did during covid. They ran the testing cycles at 45 when anything above 33 will result in a failure. As it just multiplies what your looking for into the multi millions rather than seeing if it is actually there.

the inventor of the pcr test calling fauci a fraud
Lies under oath
Letting people die again
Universal Vaccines for all illnesses. This is the stupidest thing we have ever heard. It is not possible and second Micheal Specter sounds as if he creeps into bed rooms at night

Project Defuse was a big report for project veritas but we had reported on it long before they even made it famous. if you notice none of our documents have the water mark from veritas

Oct 29 2021 reported
Fauci answers questions on project defuse

Ralph Baric University of North Carolina

A symposium on how to profit during pandemics lead by who Ralphie old boy

This paper was done with the help of baric and wuhan bat lady man for people who says they have nothing to do with one another they seems to be tied to all of these documents huh

We have been having issues with our host as when information that seems to be not widely know or supposed to be know our embeds become links and it makes the site almost impossible to navigate. So please be aware any embed below this should look like this. If it does not and is changed this was not done by us and you can see why they would not want you to see the information provided in the links

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