Covid 19 vaccine side effect videos (NOT RARE)

God Bless all who have been harmed by the New Age Nazi’s (NAN)

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So what do you do when you know he is lying…… You tell people, you show them, through their actions and words. Then the effects present themself and you get the truth. He knew they were not safe or he has been uninformed this entire pandemic. You choose HE FLAT OUT LIED CHRISTMAS 2021 and kIlled Not of Mans Family member 1-19-2022 by shitting misinformation from his mouth. So now that their family member is dead will Joe come and explain to us why he says its safe and effective ? and comfort them like he does for the camera. Fuck no. He gives to shits that anyone died from it.
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This is page is for all the injured, Manipulated, Murdered, & those who trusted a government without knowing there history of testing on people without their knowledge and then apologizing for it decades later so no one will sue them. Google MK Ultra, MK NAOMI, Tuskegee Experiment: 40 year Syphilis Study
on the African American community

So where did the vaccine come from….? Here let Dr Fauci Tell you.

Fauci on Vaccine development. Listen close now

But of course you have not heard any of this on TV why is that ?…… do pharma companies pay the bills for most of the channels on TV do you see medication commercials all day?

Covid 19 vaccine side effect videos are NOT RARE all these videos are from around the world and include a boxing legend Oscar De la hoya. These are not rare side effects and they have known them since 2012 and china before that. The fda released a list of all possible side effects but hid it from the public unless you knew the date and name of the webinar. Or maybe you were in it and saw things they really tried to hide.

Well lets say we have video of Steve Anderson skipping the side effects during the CBER meeting.
You will find it below and all the videos we have uploaded. we have so many we could fill our entire site but the point is rather simple when you see all of these videos they all have 1 thing in common we wont mention it. otherwise you will see it. But after watching it will be obvious

Swine Flu Vaccine Fraud of 1976
This mans story is 100% accurate and the paper work that proves it is directly below it
Members of not of mans family are in this including why they are being censored its good to know that when the government openly harms people they can censor it but if you do it…… You go to jail ? even if it was done with good intention.
14 mins of side effects
Oscar De La Hoya
part 1
Part 2
Not of Man