The 5 Not of Man songs you are not allowed to hear on Youtube, Facebook, twitter, & Soundcloud, Alphabet.Inc, 1-16-2022

Not of Man’s family member was killed by the Vaccine and No band in history has done what they have. NWA is about the only thing that could say they had more issues with the Alphabets than them. Video below shows YouTube and vimeo censor them and our website our music distributor works within the big tech companies and allows the censorship of our music. Below is a far more detailed story with all the evidence.

This very lie is why these songs exist
the 5 songs you are not allowed to hear

These are the 5 censored not of man songs on all of the above platforms and notice we even use one to force views but like before they will try and block the videos how do we know this our old web host go daddy told us.

The First song is All Dem Trets N Leyes
Its a song used to exposed all the lies of Joe Biden and the dems over the last three years and how they used violence as means of control.

C.I.A Network News Exposes that there are CIA assets working in the news media controlling the narrative you hear daily

Despotism = Information control. This tracks artwork was censored because of the information provided in it. It will be at the bottom of the page.

Wake up! (Please) uses the words of world leaders to expose how they controlled you during covid 19 and how they have a plan openly called the great reset. (Note: YouTube May have cut the end of the song off with Klaus saying it but we will add the video so you can have the complete context.)

Planet Lockdown 2021 about exactly what is says and it shows that Gavin Newsom was doing whatever he wanted during the lock-downs while the elderly sat at home waiting to die because the fear and lies the media shit out of their mouths every day. (including Not of Man’s family was killed by the Vaccine)

Proof YouTube censors our music and videos admitted by our old web host go daddy owned my Microsoft

WOW they told us

On to twitter run by a bunch of snowflakes
We call him out to his face and give him the evidence he is lying to the public twitter censorship 11-3-22
one of our people who does side work for us tried to see if he could make an account and he stated the first thing he saw was this tweet and so he sent the evidence this is a lie. the account lasted 10 mins total

Then the tweet suddenly vanishes and they realize what is in the songs. Wanna guess what they do next

For telling the truth to the president when he is lying to the American public and what happens a voice is silenced again

So we had someone else try and add our reports to twitter under another name less than 10 mins after
the account was created and as our stories went up. They shut us down over factual information being reported which means twitter is now in business acting as an independent publisher working for Joe Biden and now loses section 230 protection

The video evidence of all the statements from the songs
Some would say build back better we would say to really have a great reset

wait how is there a book ?
Build back better / The great reset is not a Joe Biden plan its a world economic forum goal

Jen Psaki Lies along with joe biden

Gavin newsom is a lying fuck hole

Gavin Newsom tries to apologize after fucking up the entire state while he was out having parties

Obama did that too

this was the cover censored all of these documents are 100% real and can be found on this website or you can google them and try to find them all yourself. Get educated because they are counting on your stupidity

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