Celebrity Racists

we would like to point out these people have divided the country by color and not by actions MLK would be completely ashamed of our world today and knowing og black panthers. They have openly said cointelpro and manufactured racism if you don’t know look it up. o yeah and to every one of you you are nothing more than a waste of air that others could be breathing and sadly you take up that space for someone else the world would be better off without all of you
Kristen-Clarke Racist
Racist Bigot Aisha Mills CNN and MSNBC political commentator & now Black-Supremacist
King Fed at work.
Donald-D-Williams-II MMA Fighter, BLM, public property destruction, (police cars) and then a witness for the George Floyd trial. King rip is doing exactly what a fed will do to get you to act while they just talk. Look out for people like him Cough gov whitmer
He goes out and smashes public property and then is seen as a powerful witness in the trial ????? how he contributed to the violence on the streets?
Not of Man