World Truth Video is a white power terrorist organization which the UK, IS, US, refuse to shut down 7/26/2022

it was then and so on .

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once you play with us you don’t get to walk away thinking threatening and attempting to steal information from us is not ok. Now you cant steal a fucking thing

you knew when you hacked our personal channel you over stepped the line and when you started writing words in our name you over stepped the line.

last we saw your website is loaded with illegal movies and porn of underage people because you are literally warning them to take it off the damn site with pop ups.

when the you are reported to the U.K government you just move the site to another .info. well how about we start exposing your channel and ruin you from the inside out you fucker.

we have ways of showing everything and not allowing people to see what website its coming from but the records will have them and will all be sent to the U.K Government and in actuality we cant wait for you to be bombarded with new member who disagree with you. enjoy removing thousands But we would rather people see you for the filth you are. With great reservation here is the most racist website ever in the history of the internet

we told you we never left we have watched you for over a year now.

we will end this I hope you understand the toes you have stepped on.

You will get no mercy and we will make it known your Nazi’s and antisemitic

understand we have all the footage of you messing with our reporters because they were not racist and manipulating their person messages to say terrible things. Good thing we logged your entire system before you banned a non existent machine that was made to trap you

so before this is ended a big fuck you to all of the racist shit piles on your site and the filth you bring with you the world, It would be a better place without cunt discharge like yourselves hopefully the UK government will end you or we can do this for literal years. we are everywhere we work inside and outside of the system we clean houses for the 1 percent we work for them as drivers we clean their rooms at night when their off cheating on their wives we are the small people in infinite numbers who do not need to fear a system of oppression because you fucks are the minority and we are everywhere in everything

and you all know we did a man in the middle attack on all of you. enjoy hiding

world truth
How to report them for abuse 1 (985) 401 – 4545 to not just the government but their web service.
We told you we know everything about all of you. All of you
that’s a Louisiana area code. so the hosting in is the us and you claim to be in Iceland. With the Ip and mac address trace we know where you are
this is the last time we ask nicely get the fuck off our site and stop fucking with our users and our logins
that goes for anyone connected to the site. We will be watching and we will be exposing all of you one by one

354. 421 2434

so the question now remains do we post your name address and exact GPS location right now ?????? we know you use the phone to login which is stupid. That allows us to see every place location and stop you have ever made including contacts and family members numbers and even see through your camera and listen on your mic. also property and criminal record. People who try to hurt others over skin should be put in a place they get the same treatment. Hopefully you see a cell soon (*******)

you have no idea how many and where we are. we do not fear threats or intimidation as we can handle ourselves

we also wanted to thank your members for trying to phish on our website. lol we have them as well
each comment was a phishing link though the ip adress is different the mac address is the same
phishing 2
we are warning you you about to get a storm the likes you have never seen. You fucked with the wrong world wide org
reporting world truth videos
reported to the gov of Iceland as well

Wonderful slander and racial attacks. As if being a Jewish person would make any of us less human.
But sadly we are anti theists but believe everyone has a right to follow whatever god they like, it is not our place to deny them their gods.

most of all the people who are religious are the ones who remain untouchable since they believe in a higher calling and therefore cannot be defeated or pushed to an edge as their faith matters more than punishment or threat which is why religion is so heavily attacked

(more power to anyone of any faith we love you all)

reporting them to the uk government and lets see if anything happens beside them trying to attack the living shit our of our site only to get nothing lol

we warned you we don’t fear you or any group or org we are the shadow that’s been hiding in wait for generations and now we are going to destroy the filth like you irredeemable piles of shit
This world have no place for racists if you are under 18 you can access the website easily just put a false age this is their facebook / instagram

As you state on your site some how you have been hit with two false flags. (lie)
you should know we have the screen shots to prove it.
we have the videos of the admins changing everything on the channels
You have been attempting to hack out site and we literally proved it.
We have no need to make it public. as it has been supplied to the needed people
But we will let you know now
You threaten us, attack, hack we keep the ten

Sparkle Knows damn well ask him ?????
as for false flags why would you speak to our infiltrators directly on your main page after this story
if we are lying. everything on this page alone proves you are a hate group which promotes violence

WorldTruth Video 7 26 22

if you want to know how to remove groups like this. Infiltrate them and eliminate the way they use the site. overwhelm the site with videos and use it like YouTube.

Make sure you are not white and no matter how many times they remove you make another account and do it again. You will see they will openly remove you.

They did it to one person because they said they were a Jewish person. ( how is that not discrimination)
everyone say hi to bread and circuses unless he ended his channel as he was one of the attackers

they will directly & remove you from the site we have openly tested it and we are still inside the site. if they do so here is the information to report them for abuse and hate

how to report the site for abuse 000000

Not of Man