Well hello there censor

cropped me cover 000000

We know that we are being censored by you, or one of the alphabets we have now had it validated, and have video proof. We told you to leave us alone. We told you let us do our job and report.
We know you are reading this and 1 knows they are watched. something left away for a rainy day will now be exposed

we do not fear you or your intimidation or threats or any form of force.
we only work with people who are human and understand how a conversation works.
shutting down our voice has only made us louder.

You have done this for 3 years now. We have more than you can imagine.
we have no issue speaking with you. but know the second this starts
information you have left hidden will become very very public

as a show of just what we can prove

we will expose Joe Biden lied to the public in December of 2021 and violated the Nuremberg Code by lying to every American citizen. in order to get them vaccinated. put it out for free and give it out
anywhere we all can.

December 2021 Joe Biden speech
Video posting shortly or you can go to youtube to find it.

Project Salus sept 28 2021 show the vaccines lead to advanced Antibody dependent enhancement
The vaccines are ineffective and that you are safest from reinfection without a vaccine and a prior covid infection.

Department of defence document project salus using Jaic a Ai system so no human error

you will have to explain to the public why he was so unaware or he lied. enjoy!

You shut down our site so you could see just what’s on here and remove it from public view on
contacted our people and now the site is back up and running. what the fuck do you honestly think you are doing you shit bags. we record everything, we know what you do, and how you do it. We watch you just much as you do us! and you think that we won’t see when you fuck with our website.

we have not been wrong about anything on our site and we welcome any fact checkers.
no matter what you do if you take us down or remove us we will always have our voices.
the band will always have their music. We will always deliver the documents in the form of news stories worldwide door to door as a magazine which is already in the works.

the more you do this the more credibility you add to our information.
it shows just how much you fear being exposed.

remove what you will censor what you like we will never stop exposing you
we are non violent and use the power of constitutionally protected rights.
when you violate them we get to sue the fuck out of you so we ask that you do whatever you like
when this is all said and done, and 1 is dead and gone everyone will know
nothing was a lie.

BACK UPS FOR ALL information removed for our sites are not kept with any reporters and can always be re accessed in the vault off location

now that you did this the video will come out and more.

again we told you, you do not hurt us you only make us stronger. And how you have had our members medical services removed which seems shifty

as it seems you are trying to get us to say or do something that would constitute terrorism when you in fact are the dVE’s and terrorists (Cough) Whitmer & jan 6 john Sullivan’s father who sold military weapons and you swept it under the rug. O we forgot to add his adopted son was the one who happened to be in every location needed on that day and he says multiple times burn this place down in his own video we have it broken down into audio and video. why is john Sullivan not in prison with the j6?????? and your very own pipe bomber who happened to place a device that was never meant to go off with its shitty timer. right where harris was and her body guards found them ????? explain it please ???? 

the bomber used their cell phone and with the towers you can pin point his location and the user of the phone as well as each ping from the towers. Dont forget the banks gave you all the information of the people at the peaceful protest in which you murdered a unarmed woman and no police officer was killed skicnick died of a stroke or heart attack not being hit over the head with a fire extinguisher. you have voice identification and access to any phones camera at any time. so the simple fact you cannot find your bomber says more than you can ever hide you have the covid trackers on all phones at that time and you could have used that contract tracing app as well unless it was a black block phone like will j walker did with the military encrypted radios

we have all of it so we can take this as far as you like and expose as much as you don’t want
we respect the government but you have broken the social contract and people need to be aware of what you have really done to them. so that they have better futures and don’t need to live in fear any longer


Not of Man