Proof Joe Biden has lied or is unaware about the Covid vaccine. From his own D.O.D, C.D.C, and F.D.A (Pfizer gamed trials)

started 8-7-22 updated 7-14-23

Proof Joe Biden has lied or is unaware about the covid vaccine. From his own D.O.D, CDC and FDA
here is a video of him giving flat out misinformation to all Americans on 12-21-21
feel free to fact check us. In fact we want you to prove us wrong……. we do apologize for the blurry video we do have it in 1080 the file size is too large and youtube and viemo censoring us will not allow us to use their platform to inform the public. We beg you to type each documents name into a search browser and find them for yourself. The D.O.D Document was pulled shortly after so only a select group of people who were able to get the info before the censorship have it.

The CDC document is censored and you will not find it on the cdc website or database as it shows different information than they have reported previously. Sadly most of the things they have kept hidden all show this is a very dangerous shot.

the CDC document from Oct 30 2020 shows the list of side effects that have been kept hidden yet some how its all the side effects that the public has been experiencing and they call it long covid or a side effect of Covid 19 that is a lie. please understand this is in no way to disrespect anyone this is about human lives and the truth and as you can clearly read and see they have been lying and manipulating you with fear and propaganda. Please wake up you have all been played for fools.

You trusted a drug dealer who said hey man you ever heard of heroine everyone needs it to stops them from feeling pain. We are only doing this because we love you and want you to be safe. please take this

You refused the dealer and they turned around and forced mandated it on you through your employers and federal workers which both are 100% illegal and criminal as it violates the American medical associations informed consent law which is the basis for any and all studies. Last but not least all medical companies and vaccinators have violated the Nuremburg code as they never supplied you with a real vaccine insert as they are studying them now. They change the vaccine inserts which means they are changing the information as it comes in. Understand you are all test subjects and you stupidly listened to liars and frauds. We are sorry that this has happened again in this country (swine flu vaccine fraud of 1976 at the bottom of the page)

yo your move explain it .

We want you to remember he has told you the vaccine is safe and effective which is a complete and utter lie
while they do have effects on prevention the side effect far outweigh the use. Theriputics could have been used and were spoken of in hearings and ignored from drs who worked on the front line.
Vaccine injury hearing. that was never allowed to be publicly seen. it has been removed and censored by youtube and vimeo
Dr’s begging them to stop what they have been doing
you can see the bullshit in real time.
one of the first to take the vaccine Next video will show you all the side effects they have censored from you through VigiAccess By the World Health Org strangely they have now censored it wonder why

The real side effects and death records before the information was censored from the public

Improving communications around vaccine breakthrough and vaccine effectiveness july 29 2021 censored document that in the last few pages seem to be joe bidens speech writers
His own DOD explaining he is full of shit
why did he skip the side effect. Taken from FDA CBER meeting oct 30 2020 steve anderson. below will be the pdf with the side effects and the lies you have been told

pfizer gamed the trails and lied and hurt people yet its been covered up ?
Kids dropping dead in class ?
Swine Flu Fraud of 1976
SM 102 = Chloroform it is in the vaccine 4/11/21 keep note of all the yellow highlights we have made for you below you will hear caymen state yes it is in the vaccine and below that is the fraud they ran and changed the name to make it look less dangerous and removed effects from the safety sheet with no explanation

proof the vaccine contains Sm-102

Cayman Chemicals Ran a fraud to cover everyone’s ass. they changed the name of the product from chloroform to ethanol which is an ingredient in gasoline. Anyone else a bit pissed about that ? the changed document next to the original document to show they removed and changed a chemical compound to fit the narrative

Thank you Francis A. Boyle
This pfizer study was gamed and shows shedding and the fact there is dangers to the unborn fetus
Pfizer vaccine Insert v1
Comrinaty / Pfizer vaccine insert for the FDA authorize vaccine in Germany V1

Moderna Vaccine Insert V1
J&J Vaccine Insert V1
Not of Man