Max Boot

max boot is connected to the CFR @CFR_org no wonder this idiot speaks and follows the red line

Update : Max Boot is still a maximum Bitch 4-24-2022 when twitter is free you will be in our feeds Max A. Boot is a Russian-American author connected to the Council on Foreign Relations, consultant, editorialized content, lecturer, and military historian. He worked as a writer and editor for Christian Science Monitor which is insane as well christian science lol

then for The Wall Street Journal in the 1990s and still is a lying fraud and manipulator the reason he does not report on the important issues he just writes opinions and talks so basically he is useless. his books are great for fire pits and toilet paper

Screenshot 2022 04 15 at 12 30 39 Max Boot 🇺🇦 @MaxBoot Twitter
Watch this lets see if max can explain any of this away.
those lines in the air are poison and here is john Brennan admitting to it to manipulate and control weather. So global warming is BS MAX the world has heated and cooled off and on for centuries before we walked on it and it will do it after we are gone.

Dear max you as a human garbage and no one should listen to a word you say.
if you were a real journalist you would be exposing the truth not trying to silence it.

To show you what kind of reporter max is lets give you some irrefutable facts
Max you know about this and yet you have not reported on it why ? Pfizers 1,219 side effects ?
sounds safe to us you moron. go to page 30 and see the 9 pages of side effects never reported which is a violation of the Nuremberg code and in ANA informed consent laws

we know you have and all media have seen this and know about this lawsuit yet why have you hidden it ?

see we know your all liars. (Btw we didnt even bother checking the spelling because we want to show how crappy you are at your job.) We can write like this and tell the truth and people will understand. once they see the truth themself.

please we would love you to respond but we really believe your to much of a bitch to do it.

careful before you say something you have no idea about because we have all the documents and can produce them at any time which is something you will never be able to do.

death records from the world health org and cdc before they became censored
Blank vaccine inserts

data below was released to the above video and the injuries to that little girl. why did you not cover this. Because it would sway people from a vaccine you wanted people to take. You lied. by omission

gamed study
150,000 dead for ever 1 million vaccinated
Children dropping dead ? nothing about this in the post ?
world health org on kids and masks
americas front line drs suing hhs over the covid 19 pandemic and treatments

what kind of reporter are you max. The job of a reporter is to report truth no matter what. You are in our opinion you are a shit for brains reporter. what we do is report and give the evidence you just bitch and complain. our goal is to help and change the world. Yours is to make money at the cost of human lives. Good for you max top notch mate

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