Mass shootings 5/15/2022

Joe Biden using the deaths of 19 children and 2 teachers to reach his political goal he is no longer fit for office
Ran down a Christmas parade while rapping about murdering whites and Trumpers
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Racist mentally ill 2022
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Racist Mentally ill 2022
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18 children and 2 teachers dead In Uvalde Texas 5/24/2022
1 Boarder agent shot, Shooter killed grandmother
suicide by cop

Mass shootings

the fact remains that this is still a very rare thing in our society.
while the media loves putting the spotlight on anything that can help with political
goals and the ability to label groups as violent. very simply put

the news on tv has screamed race and violence force and fear for almost 3 years now
and in 2023 when the announce the end of the pandemic in full they will need a need target
well the already have it we have the war in Ukraine

most may know this, most may not,
we are very unaware what the public is fully aware of which is the point of our site

back to the topic
when you constantly say that BLM is peacefully protesting and their is a fire and millions in damages from just the chop area. You lied and have gas lit the people
then the media turns around because biden has no idea how to explain why
he is so hated he started claiming whites are the most dangerous group of people

this in turn scare other people who are not white and creates fear and avoidance
if you cannot talk to one another and see you are the same you may have differing points of view
but all of us want to live in peace happiness and with the freedom promised to us.
So why is it the media is working to divide and create violence in the streets

the answer is very simple its part of a goal. As you all have seen over the past 2 years the worst world leaders have been in office have all divided and created more hate and violence than in over 40 years

please if only one message gets out to people on our site.
Violence never solves any issue, You hurt people in the end and that’s including yourself
if you have that much hate in your heart over the color of someones skin please ask
why is a pigment and nothing more.

Humans are humans are we have watched you all the same
you all repeat the same behaviors and patterns. while most want the best there is a small few who want to see it torn down. That’s a constant like 2+2=4 but remember these are the ones who expose themself and will do these stupid violent acts.

Nationalist = is someone who believes in the country and the capabilities of the citizens not the government. = Not racist anyone and everyone who is from any country falls into this category if they love their country. Basically the exact same as a sports team you root for your city most likely. so you see the point

Racist = someone who dislike some because of their skin color.

Violent actor = someone who has the intended goal of harming others for idealistic reasons

DVE = Domestic Violent Extremist = someone who carries out terrorist acts on their home country to
instill fear and force a goal. Through Threats of violence and acts of violence

The problem with the Biden administration is they now label anyone and everyone who questions or disagrees as a DVE. When in fact the real DVE’s are the alphabet agencies who has done and forced the world we live in today through little shadow chess moves and using the Citizens of the U.S as the pawns so they can get us in a check mate.

Ask yourself have you been labeled a terrorist due to joe biden the answer is most likely yes yes yes.

we been labeled one most likely but we are non violent and not racist and care for everyone. So please ask yourself why would that be. Because we don’t just give you a talking head saying they lied we can show you their documents, and who ever holds the information in the world now holds the power.

journalist used to expose the real hidden issues of the world leaders and now they tow their line.

regardless of what you think of us we wish everyone the best in these hard times and hope you find a way to pull through better than you were before!

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