Liar Jen Psaki has quit and headed to MSNBC.

See ya lying manipulative pile of s.
You couldn’t do anything but circle back. You will go down in history as one of the biggest jokes to ever stand on that stage just as this entire Biden cabinet. Enjoy the new job at msnbc the left arm of the CIA.

We will show you the biggest lie she ever told below. So remember this face when she is on TV and never trust a word she says. She lied with a smile below

Run girl we know all the lies and can prove every one
More lies
Screenshot 2022 04 01 at 09 05 00 jen psaki ugly at DuckDuckGo
Manipulation much…. So these are going to be the tactics she uses on msnbc. Almost their entire set is loaded with cia agents now lol wake up everyone

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