John Sullivan, Jade Slacker, James Ray Epps & the FBI Terrorists op on J6

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historical ,research purpose , news reporting, and comment criticism

to expose john Sullivan and everything he said and did on J6 including being released 12 hours after arrest. He was paid around 75,000 dollars from CNN and other news networks.

This man is a violent terrorist and a fraud as well as a liar. All can be proven and we will do so here.

No more hiding john Sullivan, your fathers selling military weapons basically on the black market . you screaming to burn down the capitol and more while inside. You openly claim your video is historical and there for will be used as such to document the exact happening inside the the capitol that day and all the lies they swept that under the rug what he did was treason.

johns father adopted sons on both ends of the political spectrum decided spread lies and manipulations being played off in the media and now we are going to expose in full the lie of January 6th the people involved and the names and locations and devices and the vise presidents security found even though they said she was located in another building. the military encrypted radios Nancy Pelosi and Liz chainey.

whistle blower phone call

the shooters name is Micheal Leroy Byrd and he admits to not being able to see what he shot
we reported it in April of 2021 only to have YouTube validated our video by removing it and saying it violated their terms. we will link below to the banned video

Banned Youtube Video
as you can see long before the media every reported we had and YouTube censored the video every time it was published which was stupid on their end because they Love to cover for the people in power. we warned them they were being watched and monitored a record kept of every time they removed lawful truthful content and they assumed it was a joke. well they also kept important vaccine information hidden in order to prevent people from knowing the truth
did you have feds at the capitol we cant answer that sir
J6 insurrection audio inside capitol building john sullivan openly pushes people to do acts as well as instigates and claims he was the one who did this and you needed to pay attention to their chats online. The woman in the audio is Jade Slacker
John Sullivan terrorist threat to Donald Trump
Micheal leroy byrd / Jade slacker / John Sullivan that little clip photo that pops up is a photo with johns father.
Sullivan was adopted into a conservative Mormon family.[4][3][9] His father, John Sullivan Sr., was a lieutenant colonel in the US Army.[4] Sullivan has three younger brothers.[4] Sullivan grew up in Stafford, Virginia.[3] Around 2013, the family moved to Utah.
John Sullivan’s adopted daddy is Air Force Maj. Gen. Kevin J. Sullivan. The Air Force general was reprimanded and resigned after an incident involving *NUCLEAR WARHEADS.* (selling them) his family is nothing but terrorists

then we will post the audio from the insurrection so you can hear the convos without a distraction of video and then the videos. they will also be transcribed so no one will miss a word. but for the time being here are the videos

Insurrection footage part 1
Insurrection footage part 2
Insurrection footage part 3
Insurrection footage part 4 Ashli Babbitt Muedered in cold blood by Micheal leroy byrd
Capitol police pretend to administer life saving efforts to someone who was just shot in the neck and killed because he couldn’t see anything admission in above video
Johns Payment records from the footage

His court documents
Ray Epps FED
Ray epps FED 2

And yet joe biden and nancy pelosi see this as the threat as bad as isis

Joejoes terrorist watch list 0001
As you can see they are all looking to her she must be the ring leader LOL
Transgender woman slams the chucky doll over J6
Not of Man