Joe Biden manipulating college students into voters by canceling student debt.


we don’t have the money you know it
we paid for school ourselves.
Will we get a refund ?

esp since you ruined
the economy and printed endless cash
now you wanna do it again
this is how we got here

This is called insanity doing the same thing over and over expecting a new result
and its becoming a bit much
all you do is try the same old thing and you think that they will always buy it
you don’t seem to understand
they see through your code now and look past the game.

just so all of you kids in school know if you are on this website
this will only make you end up paying more in taxes for the rest of your lives
create more debt and leave us in a bigger hole.
at the end of school ask yourself ….
can i get a job now ?

So now you are monitoring the posts and manipulating if they can be seen as well.
i hope everyone is reading this because we are now going to make a page showing exactly what your doing with video evidence and we will now be contacting a civil right attorney Robert Barns maybe you let us know ?

Not of Man