Bill Gates: Foundation for population control.

The video directly below this literally has a woman stating the name of the foundation is the Bill and Melinda gates foundation for population control

Please find the conspiracy the man is a complete monster who likes to hang out with kiddie diddlers

It seems they changed the name to sound a bit more friendly

Screenshot 2022 03 20 at 15 10 00 The Bill Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health Celebrates 20 Years Hopkins Bloomberg Public Health Magazine
Still the same goal just worded very differently also same target groups as well out of curiosity what is family planning research. It’s short for how do we stop them reproducing
Screenshot 2022 03 21 at 10 12 13 bill gates vaccine baby at DuckDuckGo
Its ok little man we run the population control counsel
Bill Gates Banned Documentary part 1
Part 2
wait lets not point out the deaths / murders they have hid
Here is the effects of the vaccine on the elderly in one home 15 of 25 died
No need for vaccine safety checks
Remember its just small side effects like the arm is just painful
To save the world from carbon we have to kill off humans

They are about as believable as a hooker who says she has no std’s

Reuters is full of SH*T they fact check while also having james c smith

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