Barbie VS Oppenheimer the test on society

This sales of tickets will determine the level of intelligence of the average American
You can see a movie about American history by artist film maker known for making magic on the screen.
A movie about a man who and we quote “I have become death the destroyer of worlds”

Or you can see barbie a movie about not being self centered and egotistical and how everyone is worthy of love no matter how you look. even though that’s exactly what the toy sells

This is a guess on how you would sell barbie in the current day as movie. Since Social justice and how being obese is now not ugly but should be embraced. trans gay and so on. If you notice the movie is rated rather high for a child’s toy movie which means of course all of this shit will be propagandized in it

I’m sorry you wont embrace the smoker who is in your air breathing poison
but we should support a life style and choice to give yourself massive health issues that take a massive tole on the medical system. that tax payers end up paying for.

So you can have a movie that will make everyone get there trophy
or you can learn about real life and history by an artist

we don’t think there is much of a choice on this one.
But we get to see how stupid people are today.

Not of Man