And the Pattern Circles back in 2022

Covid is coming back before an election like it did in 2020…… odd
Fauci said one day we are out of the pandemic

We are out of the pandemic phase = endemic

then said we are not out of the pandemic
when have we watched him do this before ?
we will have to vote online or by mail again.
Joe has said their will be fraud back in 9-16-2022
the pattern repeats again….

Joe Biden voter fraud in the mid terms
people will not fall for the same games they know the background players now

lead by Nina Jankowicz

Fraud who sings disinformation
Nina Jankowicz 🇺🇦🇺🇸 on Twitter
Nina Jankowicz 2
Disinformation B*

The repeating of the pattern is to demoralize and normalize this type of life
we have a right to freedom and happiness without being forced to live under tyrannical rule
we have god given rights even if you don’t believe in god they protect you from them.
Thats called the bill of rights / Constitution

This was purposeful to cause confusion over covid, its part of a game
if you are confused and lost you will be fearful.
Fear leads to the ability to control without consent
if you are scared of your captor, you will listen to what they say.
and do anything to not be harmed, or put back in the box so to say.

Point and case
if you speak out now they expect you to fear their misinformation board and their punishment.
but what is misinformation in their eyes ? an opinion ? a factual document like we have all over our site that are 100% real and provable. Why are we being censored by the U.S gov ? because we speak truth ?
How is giving you real information in hope we reach people and possibly save someone.

I know we sound like a terrible group who wants you to have truthful access to information they have hidden at the cost of peoples lives

sadly she is wasting her. The constitution protects all forms of speech even hate speech. but it limits the ability to say things like fire in a building, or threaten for no reason. We do not call for anyone to be censored or silenced even people we disagree with because all forms of discussion are worth having to reach an achievable goal but when you are attacking and hindering all forms of communication you are creating the problem by separation.

The same issue with social media is it know YOU and what YOU like to see, hear , watch, read and porn habits. regardless if you think your logged off if you have a phone and use those apps you are a walking candy store. It has you summed up into a monetary form.

the future is not A.I the Future is not Wealth the future isn’t a location on a map
the future will be humans as the commodity and used for their value. if they deem you unworthy well sucks for you

if you do not fear your captor then walkout the door and tell them F*ck OFF.
Like we just did

Not of Man