The Watchers are going back into the background.

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The Watchers are going back into the background. all the documents and information on this website will be removed in the next month. or archived we have yet to decide. download everything while you can

A quick message from the watchers

Hello All

This is the watchers we have been here to give you all the information and censored documents and videos we could for over the last three years. In that time we have risked our lives been censored over and over removed and de platformed. Labeled and tagged as a groups we have nothing to do with. received death threats and more we have no need to get into

We started out with a goal and an idea that we wanted all of you to be able to get the information that has remained hidden and are extremely hard to access. nothing we offered was mis information nor was it created by anyone other than the governments CDC and NIH and W.H.O. Everything can be fact check and found to be real and factual.

with that said three years of many of our lives have consisted of 24/7 reporting and we miss our lives
as you all seem to enjoy the path this planet is headed we wish you all the best. but enjoy the slavery

we by no means are going away. We are going back to being the fly on the wall in all the rooms
when the time comes to shed light on more because what we now are in possession of will end all
the lies and mis information spread by the media and the government.

as we are watchers we want them to make the mistakes and lie and play the game.
then when the big lie is told we will expose them all by name on video and their own phone calls
all obtained from whistle blowers who have been watching for years.

Till we speak again world.
enjoy the hell

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