Trump Removed from ballot in Colorado Maybe California?

We do not support violence as a means for political protest or action.

Dear Republicans

Please stop with the violent threats. The politicians are exposing themselves.
let them do this and it will show you who to get rid of in office
not by harming them or threatening to harm. (stop it, you are coming off crazy)

This entire thing is another psychological game. If you do what the democrats did in 2020 they will have something to point a finger at and say look they burned down the country. Doing this will give them the ability to remove your weapons and rights further and further.

Stop allowing the system to divide and realize they are making up rules as they go.

Trump has not been convicted of the charges under the 14 amendment, which was written for the civil war. This will not stand legally and it is a game to work everyone up.

The idea is to create chaos and violence again during the election so you have to look another direction. there is no longer COVID 19 to use.

No violence No threats Its what they want from the Trumper’s.

Do not let the system divide you by vote race or religion.
the only thing the democrats have is abortion, their records is disgusting.

We told you they are scared of him and will do anything to make sure he cannot be elected again.
Seems like they are doing exactly that.

Not of Man