Joe Biden & Xi loves buddies on their first American date


This day we are so happy to announce that the wonderful and amazing leader comrade Biden. Is welcoming a genocidal manic in the the United States. Why would we be excited about this. Because today Biden and xi make it official. Winnie the poo will be giving the very strong never weak and frail looking president his honey stick and asking him to to look up so the tears will show.

Now Biden is bringing XI to San Fransisco (only fitting as his is sucking on his honey stick) and he has been cleaning up the streets so he can be impressed. Removing the homeless from view and cleaning up all the things for the last 3 years he let fall to pieces. Why would he do this for a genocidal Fuck is coming to the united states. Because China has literally told Biden he is their bitch.

a direct threat to the united states and it citizens, including the criminal intellectual rights they steal constantly including all of your personal information.

So what does the president do. Gets on his knees opens his mouth
and lets XI put his honey stick in his mouth. While trying to impress him like a prom date.
get this mother fucker out of the U.s and fix our country you shit bag
you are the worst president in American history.

so lets make a list for you to see


all damage done through 2019 – 2023 being wiped and hidden clean from XI while you the citizens can live in the shit and terror daily .

why is he doing it because china is coming to San Fran. Now do you see your value America the only reason to fix or clean anything is so the world cannot see what the reality is that Biden and co. Have created

Not of Man