2020 election fraud?

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A collection of video evidence from the 2020 election

Sound a lot like a confessional now sept 8 2020 report
ten mins of re scanning the same set of ballots
State Farm Arena Voter Fraud Security Video 100 proof of Voter fraud by activist Ruby Freeman

please take note she has no addresses on the tote of mail in ballots. no pipe leak it was a toilet

News articles about voter fraud in 2020
Google Censors and cnn removes 19,000 vote live
United States Postal Service Whistle Blower
Voter fraud compilation 1
Voter Fraud Compilation 2
Voter Fraud Compilation 3
Michigan Hearing P1
Michigan Hearing p 2
Interview 2 p1
interview 2 p2
Interview 2 p3
they ran ? why they didnt do anything ?
Not of Man