Kurtis Forsythe is a photographer, musician, songwriter, and producer. Some of his recent works have included Not of Man a L.A based rock band and Divisionary a dub step side project . Not of Man has had 11 releases and 6 music videos
all of which ranged in style, from the heavy metal sound of Reflections and Signals. To a more upbeat Dark Pop Ep.

The self produced music videos, many of which had violent and disturbing images of war. Including a Buddhist Monk's self immolation protest with a haunting instrumental track as background music.

   The idea was to be as honest and raw as possible.
 Not of Man worked on the intro video and music for
 Kurtis has hosted a few game reviews for the site in its earlier days.
Divisionary released a song in 2013 featuring C.taylor and Sean of Germany in a dub step mix named Mechanical Heart.
Wanting to branch out to other art forms Kurtis started a clothing line featuring his personal art work.

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